Hudson Henry

Panoramas Made Simple

How to create beautiful panoramas
with the equipment you have—even your phone

About the Book

Adventure photographer Hudson Henry has been creating epic panoramic mergers since the days of film, and in this book, he shares his best techniques for creating simple panoramas quickly and easily without having to buy any special equipment. He even shows you how to grab great panoramas with nothing more than your phone!

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Table of Contents

  • My Passion for Panoramas
  • Introduction to Panoramic Photography
  • Thinking About Light, Focus and Setup
  • Capturing the Frames
  • Assembling Your Panorama
  • Resources & Links

What People Are Saying

If you’ve been hooked making panorama photos on your iPhone and wanted to learn how to get to the next level, this book by Hudson will take you by the hand and show you the tricks to making incredible images.

Duncan Davidson, TED Photographer

Making a panorama isn’t really that challenging, especially with tools like the Merge Pano in Lightroom. Making a good panorama—well that’s another thing entirely. And Hudson nails both how to create them and why you should care.

Jeff Carlson, photographer, author of "The iPad for Photographers"

About the Author

HudsonHudson’s passion for creating dramatic still and motion imagery is infectious. He is well-known for his adventure, travel and expedition field work, and is a renowned workshop leader, with an innate sense for helping students of all levels to improve their photographic skills.

Book Specs

  • Published: November 2017
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 61