Complete Digital Photography, 4th Edition
Complete Digital Photography, 4th Edition
by Ben Long

"Complete Digital Photography is one book we would recommend to anyone interested in the subject." -

"Whether you're moving to digital for the first time, upgrading to a better digital camera, or simply upgrading your skills, there's no better companion than Complete Digital Photography." - Barnes and Noble

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Whether you started your photographic career with a digital camera or have recently made the switch from film, Complete Digital Photography will answer all of your photography questions - from composition and shooting to post-production workflow, editing, and output. Designed for photographers of all skill levels, there's something for everyone in this updated and expanded fourth edition.

Divided into four sections, the book begins by explaining the basics of digital capture, taking you through a fundamental photography primer. Next, you'll examine detailed buying guides that walk you through evaluating and choosing cameras, lenses, tripods, accessories, a computer, and a variety of editing and workflow software. With your gear in place, the third part of the book takes you on a detailed study of shooting. From composition and exposure to shooting techniques and digital-specific theory, you'll learn how to take better pictures with any type of camera. Point-and-shoot users will learn how to improve on their camera's automatic features, while high-end users will explore the intricacies of raw format photography and other advanced topics. The fourth part of the book will teach you all you need to know about workflow, editing, and output using a modern image editor. Tone and color correction, masking, compositing, and retouching are all covered.

Using step-by-step tutorials, clearly-written examples, and easy-to-follow explanations, the latest edition of this best-selling photography guide is the one resource you need to produce stunning digital images.

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but contains the complete text and images from Chapter 1.)

* Complete, thorough coverage of the latest workflow tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture, as well as Bridge CS3 and Photoshop Camera Raw 4.0.
* Greatly expanded raw coverage detailing the theory and practice - from shooting to post-production - for working with raw format.
* New section on flash photography and available light photography. Learn to use strobes, reflectors, and diffusers to create better images.
* An all-new shooting section with detailed essays and lessons on composition, seeing, shooting practices, and more.
* New coverage of High Dynamic Range Shooting, sensor cleaning, adaptive shadow/highlight correction, black and white conversion, and more.
* Expanded and re-written printing coverage.

* Updated camera buyer's guide that includes SLRs, point-and-shoots, tripods, accessories, and more.

50 minutes of tutorial videos covering color correction, cloning, cropping, composition, and highlight recovery.
30 full-color pages of additional tutorials, essays, and articles, suitable for print or on-screen reading.
Dozens of sample images and tutorial materials to be used with the step-by-step tutorials in the book.

Ben Long (San Francisco, CA) is a successful writer, producer, videographer and author. He is the author of the first three editions of this book, as well as the best-selling Digital Filmmaking Handbook, Second Edition, Getting Started With Camera Raw, Real World Aperture, Real World Capture NX, and the Aperture Pro Training Series manual.

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