Oklahoma Arts Institute – Basic Digital Photo

October 22 through 25th, 2009 at Quartz Mountain State Park, in southwestern Oklahoma

Learn the ins and outs of digital photography, from shooting to editing and printing, in this fun four-day workshop. No matter what you’re skill level, you’ll learn everything from the specifics of your camera’s controls, to how to compose and expose a shot. After a lecture/presentation on shooting on Thursday night, we’ll get up Friday morning for a shooting expedition around Quartz Mountain. The rest of the classes will center around post-production, including importing, organizing, and keywording your images using Adobe Bridge; tone and color corrections in Photoshop; dodging, burning, and other localized edits; and printing. Students must have basic computer skills. Students must bring their own digital camera, either digital SLR or point-and-shoot. Whether you’re an abject beginner, a dabbler, or a seasoned digital shooter, this class will help you get your photography to the next level.

The total cost of the workshop is $605 for in-state residents ($705 for a private room), and covers your tuition, room, and board. Out-of-state residents can attend for a total cost of $1,080 ($1,180 for a private room). There are just a few spaces still available, so if you are interested, call (405) 321-9000 or email as soon as possible.