PhotoTune’s SkinTune 2.0

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These days, most of the color correction tools that you’ll find in a typical image editing package are fairly easy to use. However, that doesn’t mean that accurately correcting a color is necessarily easy. Recognizing the correct hue for a particular subject can be very difficult, and few subjects are trickier to correct than human faces. Becuase our eyes are so sensitive to facial recognition, and because even subtle changes in flesh tone can have big emotional impacts, correcting skin tones is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face as a digital photorapher. That’s why PhotoTune Software created SkinTune, an $80 Photoshop plug-in designed specifically for correcting skin tones.

SkinTune makes short work of correcting any type of skin tone and will often yield a dramatically improved result with only one or two clicks. SkinTune’s massive internal library of different skin tones, combined with its ability to perform hue-protected adjustments makes it an important tool for anyone who regularly shoots portraits, and who needs a speedy workflow from ingest to output.

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