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Unless you have a very regular use for a lens, it’s often hard to justify its purchase. That super-fast, extreme telephoto lens you’ve been eyeing may be appealing, but unless you regularly shoot sports or wildlife, you probably can’t rationalize the price. Lens rental, then, is a great solution for those special occasions when you need a lens, but can’t stomach an outright purchase, and is just about the cheapest way to rent.

Offering an extensive selection of Canon lenses, and a smaller selection of Nikon lenses, offers incredibly low prices, from $20 to $50 per week. Given that many photo stores charge this much for a single day’s rental, the prices at RentGlass are very hard to beat.

To order a lens you simply fill out the on-line rental form, provide a credit card number, and then wait by the mailbox. RentGlass ships the lens via registered US mail, and your lens will usually arrive in three or four days. Your rental period begins on the day your lens arrives, and it’s your responsibility to ship the lens back on the last day of the rental period. The RentGlass packaging is designed for easy re-use.

Lens rental is ideal for:
* Shooting with a lens that you only need on rare occasions – extremely wide angle, extreme telephoto, extremely fast.
* Shooting with specialty lenses such as fish-eyes and tilt/shift lenses.
* Evaluating a lens before buying. With RentGlass’s low prices, it won’t add much to your final purchase price to give the lens a try for a week.

RentGlass is an incredibly easy company to deal with. I rented a lens for a week, only to have it arrive just as a thick blanket of fog rolled over the city. By the time my week was up, I had only had time for a couple of days of shooting, so I emailed RentGlass and asked for an extension. With a speedy reply I was told that this was no problem, and they simply charged my card for an additional week.

For Canon shooters, RentGlass provides a complete assortment of EF, EF-S and L lenses, as well as third party sigma lenses, and a good assortment of specialty lenses. Nikon shooters don’t have as much to choose from, but hopefully the Nikon selection will improve as RentGlass’s business grows.

If you’ve been looking for a cheap way to rent lenses, RentGlass is a great solution, provided you don’t need a last minute rental. I highly recommend them.

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