Photoshop Elements Action Pack v1.0

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As all Photoshop Elements users know, the Actions Palette is one of the things that separates Elements from Photoshop CS2. Or rather, the lack of an Actions palette is what separates Elements from CS2. Photoshop Elements has no scripting facilities of any kind – no Actions palette within the program, and no scripting support for AppleScript or JavaScript. However, now with Automator and the Photoshop Elements Action Pack, you can finally automate Elements, to batch process your images.

Buit-in to every copy of OS X, Automator is a stand alone application that let’s you create "workflows" – flowchart like automation routines constructed from a series of individual Automator Actions. The Photoshop Elements Action Pack provides 21 Actions that give you control of all of Elements’ basic functions from resizing images to applying automatic color and contrast correction. With the Photoshop Elements Action Pack, you can finally automate some of your everyday, repetitive Photoshop Elements chores.

Because Automator can control much more than just Elements, you can automate entire photography and graphics production pipelines. For example, you can use Automator and the Photoshop Elements Action Pack to batch process the manipulation of your images and then automatically upload the results to a server, or archive them to a CD or DVD.

The following actions are provided in the Photoshop Elements Action Pack:

Add Layer via Copy Invert
Auto Color Correction NTSC Colors
Auto Contrast Open
Auto Levels Render
Auto Red Eye Fix Resize Image
Auto Smart Fix Rotate Image
Change Mode Rotate Layer
Clouds Sharpen Edges
Convert to 8-bit Sharpen More
Convert to Profile Unsharp Mask
Flatten Document  

The Photoshop Elements Action Pack was built around Elements version 4, but it will work with any previous version that has the same menu structure, and this version is fully compatible with PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. In addition to the action bundle, an assortment of sample workflows is provided, while the included 20-page manual will give you a reference for all of the included actions, as well as an introduction to using Automator, and strategies for building Elements workflows.

You can download the Photoshop Elements Action Pack for free using the link below.

If you find these actions useful, please don’t be at all shy about PayPal-ing me some cash! $5! $10! $1.2 million! I’m not picky! Just click this button right here:

Download the
Photoshop Elements Action Pack
in ZIP format (8.3 mb)

If you’d like to know more about Automator, check out Apple’s Automator pages.

Buy a copy of Photoshop Elements for the Mac at

Need to upgrade to Tiger? Order it now from

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