HP DesignJet 130

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Large format printing used to be a process that was reserved for service bureaus and high-end photographers who could afford huge, expensive printers. With the DesignJet 130, HP has changed that, producing a 24" wide printer that fits easily into even a cramped studio. What’s more, you can buy a 130 at a starting price of $1,295, making it less expensive than some printers that can’t print as wide.

The 130 is fairly old, in printer terms, having been out for over a year. However, though it’s older technology – and though it’s built around a 6-color dye-based engine – it’s price, size, and output quality make it an option that you should still consider if you’re looking to buy a “larger than B-sized” printer, such as the Epson 4800 or Canon ProGraph 5000.

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  1. Jay on Sun, 23rd Sep 2007 8:27 pm
  2. Online for two days reasearching digital cameras, prices, capabilities, pricing, dizzy now and about to flop out, I came across your site. Thank you for all this invaluable info. I need a pro printer and wanted to find prices, capabilities, etc., ctc., and I have to something to go on thanks to your informative and well stacked site. Thanks again and wish me luck, there are more hours of research ahead, but at least, it is narrowed down somewhat now. Thanks again!

  3. Jay on Sun, 23rd Sep 2007 8:35 pm
  4. Skimming through the entire article after saving it to my favorites, I felt I had to write to thank you again for the complete coverage you provided in detailing all features and info about this apparently affordable and excellent model. You’ve made my research easier and I owe it to you and your enlightened article. Thanks so much!

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