HP DesignJet 130

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Large format printing used to be a process that was reserved for service bureaus and high-end photographers who could afford huge, expensive printers. With the DesignJet 130, HP has changed that, producing a 24" wide printer that fits easily into even a cramped studio. What’s more, you can buy a 130 at a starting price of $1,295, making it less expensive than some printers that can’t print as wide.

The 130 is fairly old, in printer terms, having been out for over a year. However, though it’s older technology – and though it’s built around a 6-color dye-based engine – it’s price, size, and output quality make it an option that you should still consider if you’re looking to buy a “larger than B-sized” printer, such as the Epson 4800 or Canon ProGraph 5000.

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