Aperture Library Spanner

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By default, Apple’s Aperture constrains its internal library to a single volume. However, with a little under-the-hood tinkering you can span your library across multiple drives, providing you with far more storage for your Aperture images. The Aperture Library Spanner is a simple app that automatically configures your Aperture library to span multiple volumes.

To use the Aperture Library Spanner, simply download and uncompress it, then launch it just like any other application. The program’s simple dialog box provides you with controls for specifying the location of your current library, and the volume you’d like to span to. Full documentation is included inside the app, and the spanning operation can easily be undone from within Aperture.

The Aperture Library Spanner is free to download, but please don’t distribute it.

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  1. Luc Cobben

    I want download Aperture Labrary Spanner, but I become this screen

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    Could not select the database: Access denied for user ‘completedigitalphotography’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)