Wondering about Polaroid?

September 20, 2013 by
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On The Practicing Photographer this week, I talk to fashion photographer Troy Word about his use of Polaroid. Along the way, he brings us up-to-date on where the current state of Polaroid is, how you can easily get into Polaroid gear, how to mix it with digital, and what you can expect to spend along the way. Most importantly, he speaks to how it can change the way your photographic eye works. You can watch it right here.


3 Comments on Wondering about Polaroid?

  1. Cliff Fujii on Sun, 18th May 2014 9:28 am
  2. Watching the Polaroid article brought me back to my film days and lit a spark that would end up with the purchase of a Graflex Super Graphic camera. I first tried to find the Polaroid cameras featured in the Lynda.com Polaroid article. No such luck. It appears that there were many people with the same idea and the prices of these press cameras were off the chart. I then thought about other solutions. I settled on a Super Graphic 4×5 camera. I learned on one in the 60s. I found someone who purchased all of Graflex parts when they went out of business and sold their parts to Mid-Western Camera. I was able to contract for a Super Graphic and had them mount a lens I found on eBay (Rodenstock Sironar-N MC). I ran down a new Fujifilm PA-145 film holder and some boxes of Fujifilm color and B/W film. I also purchased a Horseman 6×7 adapter and some 120 Velvia film. I’m going to use Kodak Ektar 100 for taking color negative shots. I found a processor that will handle 4×5 and a company that will scan my negatives and slides for a reasonable price.

    Thanks a lot Ben Long!

  3. t25 men on Fri, 18th Jul 2014 8:19 pm
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  5. abcduconseiller.qc.ca/Default.asp? on Sat, 19th Jul 2014 9:28 am
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