New Course: Foundations of Photography – Specialty Lenses

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Mostly, good photography is about the skill of the photographer. That said, a lot of photographs are only possible with the right type of lens, and there are a lot of lenses out there tailored to very specific types of shooting. In this new course, I go into detail on how to shoot with ultra-wide-angle lenses, super telephotos, fisheyes, Tilt/Shift, and more. If you’ve been wondering if any of these types of lenses are right for you, or you’ve already got one and want to know more about what it can do, then you’ll want to check out my course Foundations of Photography: Specialty Lenses.

3 Responses to “New Course: Foundations of Photography – Specialty Lenses”

  1. Alisa

    I am fully into your courses on Lynda. They are fantastic!

    I live in the Bay Area and I wonder if you teach any classes locally?


  2. Steve

    In the video of specialty lenses, you were wearing a camera sling of some type that looked like it didn’t hook onto the tripod mount part of the bottom of the camera. What strap was that or what are you currently using where you don’t have to use the tripod area of the camera?
    You are a great speaker and I love your videos. Your voice is perfect for listening.

    Thank you

  3. Cathy Brock


    I have watched all your videos and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I am currently watching Inkjet Printing for Photographers. In this video and an earlier one I watched you were teaching a workshop at the Oklahoma Arts Institute. I leave in the Midwest and would like to attend one of your workshops. I checked the website but they have not posted their Fall 2013 workshops. Will you be teaching a workshop this fall and if so, when and how do I sign up?

    Thank You and keep producing your Lynda videos.

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