Shooting on the Road, from Gear to Workflow

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Better gear won’t necessarily make you a better photographer, but having the wrong gear can certainly make it more difficult to get the shots you want. In this 3-hour course you’ll see my entire thought process as I equip and prepare for three different kinds of shoots. Through examples of heavyweight, mid weight, and lightweight shoots, you’ll see how I tackle the problems of choosing shooting gear, power, storage, and post-production equipment. You’ll also see how I strategize methods for carrying all this stuff. Discussing everything from tripods to bags and batteries, this course is ideal for anyone who shoots while traveling, and wants a better plan for selecting the right gear. Click here to get started watching now.

4 Responses to “Shooting on the Road, from Gear to Workflow”

  1. Gerald Lewinsohn

    Hi Ben:

    I am a great fan of yours and am enjoying several of your lessons very much. I thought I knew a lot about photography but listening to your well structured classes I am amazed how much I don’t know. Congratulations on an outstanding series. I can see that a lot of thought and planning goes into those presentations. It must take many hours to produce each title. But your efforts are much appreciated.

    I am puzzled about one thing. I just bought the 6th edition of your Complete Digital Photography book that had a publication date of 2012. As a result I was surprised that you now have published a 7th edition. I was wondering how it came about that you published a new edition on the heels of the prior that unusual for you?

    (Luckily Amazon has allowed me to return the 6th edition since it arrived less than a week ago and I have ordered the 7th).

    All the best,


  2. Kit Mackenzie


    Firstly thanks for the course – I good insight to gear and strategies.

    I was wondering if you could let us know of the particular gps logger that you used in the lightweight scenario? I’ve been looking into them but few seem to appear to work on the mac and it was clear the one you had did.


  3. John Barker

    I think it’s because the books are considered textbooks — and one of the strange things about them is that they always carry the next year’s copyright date on them. The 7th edition, if you look closely, is copyright 2013.

    I’m enjoying the information, though I will admit a laugh at a mention of Photoshop CS7.

  4. Dave Duquemin

    Got your book and have seen 99% of your videos. Great stuff!
    I am getting ready to make a few motorcycle trips of several thousand miles each. I stumbled across your video on motorcycling and photography work flows. This is exactly what I needed. However as I was doing my homework and had half of my rides mapped out on Google maps and exporting them using the plugin “GMaps to GPS” Google updated their engine and broke the system.

    Do you have any other suggestions or workarounds for exporting Google maps to GPX?
    Keep up the good work.

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