Now Shipping: Complete Digital Photography, 7th Edition

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The seventh, and latest, edition of this site’s namesake book is now available. The newest version of Complete Digital Photography features full updating for Photoshop CS6, the latest version of Camera Raw, and new sections on composition, low light shooting, printing, and workflow. For the most part, the book maintains the organization of the last edition, with a few new sections and a few others eliminated. In addition to the included step-by-step post-production tutorials included in the book, many additional tutorials are included on the companion web pages. Order your copy now!

10 Responses to “Now Shipping: Complete Digital Photography, 7th Edition”

  1. Mike Haley


    Having never read #6, I’m curious about the sections that were eliminated in #7.
    I feel like I’ve missed something. What was deleted?

    Thank you,

    Mike Haley

  2. Henrik Helmers

    After watching several of your classes at I discovered this site. I am assuming your book is as good as your lectures, and ordering straight away. =)

  3. Alan

    Like the 6th edition in Kindle. Any chance of the 7th edition being on Kindle?

  4. Neil Glick

    I’m coming back to serious photography after a lapse of almost 30 years; and, of course, loving it. I can’t believe how comprehensive and readable your Seventh Edition is; something for every photographer – beginner to professional. Together with Barbara Brundage’s book: “Photoshop Elements 11: The Missing Manual” I have enough valuable reading to keep me going for weeks and weeks.

    You may like to know that I found a minor typo on page 101 under “A Little Color Theory”. At the bottom of the first paragraph it reads “Maxell” rather than “Maxwell”.

    I’ve also tried to go to your CDP7 page but I’m getting “404 Error: Page Not Found” ;-).

    Best wishes, Neil from Sydney, Australia

  5. Karen

    Hi! The companion website redirected but to an adult friend finder!! Will you email me when it’s fixed? Have a happy new year!

  6. Marc

    What a great book! I just finished it and must say it’s better than anything I have read about photography in years. The depth and breadth of this book is amazing. Thanks Ben.

  7. David

    Hi just recently signed up for an Open Colleges Cert IV course in Design (photography) and this Seventh Edition arrived tonight in the mail. Wow. A free text book and am so glad one of them is this one.

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