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Hi. My name is Ben and I’m a bag addict. It’s true, I have a problem. For years, I was convinced that there was a single, perfect camera bag out there in the world somewhere. So, over the years, I have amassed an embarrassing assortment of bags. A while ago, I came to realize that there is no single camera bag that’s appropriate for every situation, which only exacerbated my problem, because now I have a perfect justification for owning still more bags. Alas, the discovery of Mountainsmith Kit Cube has made the whole situation even worse, because with the Kit Cube, I can turn any bag into a camera bag. This means my bag fetish is no longer constrained to just camera bags!

The Kit Cube is a simple, rectangular, padded container with adjustable divider inserts. It gives you all of the protection and organizational capabilities of a camera bag, but you can put it in any normal type of bag and be assured that your gear is transported safely.

The Kit Cube is great if you have a computer bag that you need to use for carrying a mess of computer gear, but you also want to carry a camera and a lens. It’s also great for carrying camera gear in large suitcases or checked baggage, and I’ve found it a fantastic solution for turning my motorcycle bags into safe camera and lens transport.

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect camera bag, you might find that the best option is to grab a Kit Cube, and then start perusing other types of bags.

10 Responses to “Turn Any Bag Into A Camera Bag”

  1. herbg

    I’m a big fan of repurposing stuff! I did the same thing but went with the Timbuk2 Snoop insert. I use the insert primarily with a Timbuk2 messenger but I also move it different bags depending on what I need. I like that it doesn’t look like I’m carrying a “camera bag”. I also have a Calumet padded insert inside a 21″ rolling suitcase for when I need to carry everything! F-Stoppers did a blog post on this (http://fstoppers.com/diy-the-diy-30-rolling-camera-bag). Works just as well as some very pricy roller bags but this cost much less.

  2. Gina Gomez

    Hi Ben! I just found this site. I’ve been taking your lynda.com courses and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I’ve learned so much.

    I’ve been doing photography seriously for only five months now. My online portfolio is http://www.georginagomez.com. I’ve been told my work looks like I’ve been doing it longer. :o) It’s all I want to do. I even dream about taking photos.

    I’m currently looking for a good camera bag. The one I have is too small and doesn’t hold my lens and camera very well. Any recommendation is appreciated.

    I currently shoot with a Canon T3i because I got it for Christmas. I’m planning on upgrading but want to get good lenses first. I’m getting ready to purchase the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. My next lens will be the 70-200mm L series lens because I love to shoot wildlife at the zoo (if you look at my photos, you’ll see some amazing shots I took at the zoo, one of which won an award).

    Thanks for reading this. I do plan on buying your book as well on digitial photography.

    Ben, you’re awesome!

  3. Marc

    I turned my backpack into a camera bag using those soft beverage snuggies and Velcro!! They hold lenses and I cut them for additional padding. I can also put other things in there and not worry about jostling.

  4. Shelly Wolf

    Hi Ben, you’re a great teacher and Ive learned alot from you in several Lynda.com courses. I would really appreciate if you would do a course on Infrared photography, shooting it, and post processing, especially with Capture Nx2. Enormous thanks. Is this the best email site to reach you? Shelly smwolf7B@gmail.com

  5. Saheb Mashkoorian

    Dear Mr. Long
    What model of TAMRAC bag you use?
    tank you for help me

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