Easy Tiny Planet video

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Yesterday I mounted the Ricoh Theta on my motorcycle’s handlebars and went for a spin with a friend. The Theta software has a built-in Tiny Planets feature that is very fun. Sadly, it only outputs a final product that’s 640 pixels wide, but given that it’s a 2-button solution to create this effect, I’m still… Read more »

Recognizing Tonal Potential

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Very often, good photos are the result of a photographer being able to recognize the potential in a scene, and very often that potential is one based around manipulating tone. Learning to develop an eye for tone will not only allow you to get better shots, it will open up a realm of subject matter… Read more »

Upcoming Workshops

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I’ve got a few workshops on the calendar, including a 5-day Alaska workshop, a 3-day San Francisco workshop and a really cool event in Florence. Check em out here and don’t hesitate to send any questions if you want to know more. These are gonna be great events!

Exercising at Home

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After finishing up a ten-day job last week I came to Oklahoma to visit my parents. Tired from the previous week-and-a-half of shooting, and not wanting to think any more about images, I spent a couple of days ignoring my camera. But, with each day bringing nice afternoon light, I quickly began to worry about falling out of practice. I… Read more »

Speed your workflow with Perfect Browse

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It can take a while to find a post-production workflow that suits your editing style and needs. You want something that provides the correction and retouching tools that you like along with selection and library management tools. These days you also might want geotagging, any number of different kinds of export features and the ability… Read more »

Finding a Lighter Camera

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Ow. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder lately. It might just be age, but I can’t help thinking that all these years of carrying a camera bag on that shoulder have left me messed up. The years of having a pound of bird riding on that shoulder probably didn’t help… Read more »

WordPress or Squarespace – Which Is Best For Photographers

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This site has been running off of WordPress for years – since way back at WordPress version 1 – and hasn’t had a re-design since WordPress 2 was released. Recently, I encountered Squarespace while helping a friend put a site together. I was very impressed by Squarespace’s ease-of-use, beautiful designs and thorough feature set. Seeing Squarespace… Read more »

The Practicing Photographer: Dealing with Empty Skies

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This week on The Practicing Photographer: One approach to handling empty skies when shooting landscapes. While an empty sky might make your vacation more enjoyable it can be murder on your landscape photos. Here’s one approach to take when you an encounter a landscape with a boring blue sky above it.

Photoshop Automator Actions Now Compatible with Photoshop CC

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The latest version of the Photoshop Automator Actions collection, version 5.0.7 is now compatible with Photoshop CC, in addition to CS4, CS5, CS5.5, and CS6. All users will want to upgrade, though, since the new version includes important bug fixes to file naming and the Edit IPTC Info action. Requires Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion… Read more »