Photoshop Automator Actions updated for CC.2017

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We recently updated our Mac OS X-based Photoshop Automator Actions to Version 5.0.8, to include support for Photoshop CC 2017. Built-in to most modern versions of Mac OS X (10.4 and later), Automator makes it simple to create sophisticated, complex automations. Out-of-the-box, Automator can’t control Adobe Photoshop, but with the addition of this Photoshop Automator Actions… Read more »

Quartz Mountain Lightroom workshop, Oct. 5-8

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If you’re thinking that it’s time for you to to really learn Lightroom, Ben is teaching a Lightroom Deep Dive workshop in early October at the Oklahoma Arts Institute’s Quartz Mountain facility. It should be a great experience in a beautiful setting. Here’s a more detailed description of the workshop: While “Photoshop” has become something of… Read more »

Photo workshop: August 25-27 in Chicago

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Join Ben Long in Chicago next month for a three-day workshop on composition and critique, sponsored by Juniper Workshops: Through lecture, one-on-one instruction and shooting, we’ll discuss and explore many compositional ideas and examples before going out to try them on the streets. Afterwards we’ll cover some important post-production skills and practices as we select… Read more »

Epson unveils Stylus Photo R2880

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This week, Epson announced the successor to its Stylus Photo R2400 large-format pigment ink printer, the Stylus Photo R2880. As our sister site Printerville notes: The $800 printer, slated to ship in June, is a B-size (13″) inkjet that uses pigment-based inks, including two light-density black inks designed to produce optimal black-and-white prints on all… Read more »

HP’s Photosmart Pro B8850 reviewed

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Printerville this week has a review of HP’s new Photosmart Pro B8850, an eight-ink photo printer that produces archival-quality prints for $550. The B8850 is based on HP’s B9180 printer, omitting a few features like Ethernet and an onboard status display, but using the same Vivera pigment inks. The review compares the B8850 not only… Read more »

Epson R1900 reviewed

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Our sister site Printerville has posted a review of Epson’s new Stylus Photo R1900, the company’s entry-level pigment-based photo printer. The R1900, priced at $550, was designed to produce stunning glossy photos with archival print life, and Epson appears to have succeeded. From the review: “What‚Äôs astounding about the R1900 is that it is at… Read more »

Should you use Lightroom or Aperture?

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Over on, they‚ just posted my comparison review of Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Ben and I have been working on the two image-management and editing applications for quite some time, and it’s hard to say which one is the clear winner. Aperture is without a doubt the more polished and mature product: its… Read more »

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 reviewed

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Over on, I posted a short review regarding Epson‚Äôs latest professional-level printer, the 17-inch Stylus Pro 3800. The 3800 is a funny beast – it has the best print quality of any previous Epson printer, and it is priced in a place where it has no real competitor. There‚Äôs no roll-feed attachment – 17‚Äù… Read more »

Bruce Fraser dies at 52

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With great sadness, we heard this morning that our good friend, Bruce Fraser, passed away on Saturday, Dec. 16. To many of us, Bruce was "Mr. Photoshop‚" and/or "Mr. Color Management." He was the author or co-author of a number of the most successful computer titles of all time, including Real World Photoshop and Real... Read more »